Boxcar Jessie

Inside the mind of a psychotic make up fiend..

22 November
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I'm a musician, I've sung in bands like Boxcar Satan and am the frontwoman of Swastikittens. Currently, I'm working on my solo project and my telecommuting job....and my make up....make up...make up.....
I love my music, I love my make up, I love my hubby, I love my bearded dragon Schizo and my bunny Mumbles. I hate most people in general, but I am sugary sweet to the people I care about. I have no eyebrows, so I love the eyebrowless. I'm here mainly to talk about make up! Milani, good drug store dupes, Sephora, Mineral Make up, Make Up For Ever, etc....
art.., buio omega, cannibal holocaust, crowley, dead alive, early romero zombie flix, etc., freaks, ilsa, images in a convent, junk, last house otl, lucio fulci zombie flix, machine girl, make up or die, marx, may, monster, noise, occult, re-animator, satanico pandemonium, sleepaway camp, team america, teeth, the office, the strangler, thompson